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Environmental Policy and Social Responsibility

Hotel Front Maritim contributes to the conservation of the environment by promoting actions that favour recycling, the rational use of natural resources, the optimisation of energy and more.

Some of these actions include:
Use of low-consumption light bulbs.
Use of highly energy-efficient equipment.
Use of motion sensors for passageway lighting.
Dual-flush cisterns to reduce water consumption.
Promote the re-use of towels to reduce the use of detergents.
Concentrated detergent dose system to ensure rational and less aggressive use.
Recycling of materials: glass, paper/cardboard, plastic packaging, organic matter.
Recycling of batteries.
Recycling of lights (halogen, low consumption, fluorescent and LED).
Separation due to decanting and processing oils and vegetable and animal fats for subsequent purification and transformation.
Member of “Barcelona Forum District”, association of companies and institutions in the district that promote social, cultural and environmental values (

Hotel Front Maritim is a member of BARCELONA FORUM DISTRICT, which is a not-for-profit association born in 2011 with the aim of gathering the companies, institutions and associations associated in the new business area, Fórum, and that develop their respective activities sharing common values in the scope of social responsibility, environmental commitment and cultural development.

Alongside these, in addition to the individual actions they all undertake in matters of labour insertion for people at risk of social exclusion, environmental protection and responsible purchasing policies, the association has driven and offered staunch support of initiatives it presents.

Social responsibility objectives for all participants.
Social development programmes.
Action protocols and agreements with socially committed companies.
Fair trade.
Socially responsible purchasing.
Preparation and edition of a fair trade product catalogue for members of the project and its clients.

Creation, development and certification when corresponding to policies and actions committed to the environment.
Responsible energy consumption.
Creation of an environmentally responsible zone.

Creation of a dynamic, itinerant cultural programme around the different spaces / companies of the project.
Periodic renewal of its contents.
Commitment of all project members to participating in the cultural activities they generate.

Social, labour and cultural integration of groups at risk of exclusion
The social project Femarec began in 1991 with the aim of founding a more fair, supportive society respectful of diversity, seeking efficient and sustainable formulas to fight exclusion, enabling new proposals to be brought to social, labour and cultural integration in favour of people who find themselves in a more vulnerable situation, therefore ensuring systematic and quality attention.

Hotel Front Maritim has been collaborating with this Foundation since 2014 and it hopes this will be a long-lasting relationship.

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